Amber Coin

the first cryptoshare in the world

History of shares

The history of shares has its roots in antiquity. Shares were already known in the era of slavery.

In the time of ancient Rome there were first documents that could be described as a weak prototype of shares.

History of shares

We can see further stages of development of the share capital in its modern history in Holland of the 17th century, with the establishment of several powerful merchant companies. These companies embraced the giant merchant capitals.

History of shares

Finally, the shared capital takes almost a modern form in England in the 18th century. The first joint-stock companies in the modern sense became the British East India and West India Companies and the insurance company “Lloyds”.

Currently, the stock market is fairly well developed, but given that many of the processes are still done manually, it has tremendous potential for optimization.

Technologies and evolution

The role of technology in the evolution of humanity has always been huge. As a rule, a breakthrough in any field always leads to activation of evolutionary processes. Now for the first time in history, there is a technical possibility to construct a self-organizing human society through technology underlying cryptocurrencies.

Emergence of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is the name of a distributed and decentralized system of secure communication and transmission of digital signs based on the means of cryptography. In 2008, a person or a group of persons under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto published a file with the description of the protocol and the operating principle of a peer -to-peer network. In January 2009, a wallet program was released, and then the network was launched.
Thus, the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin emerged.


CryptoShares are digital shares, for submission, registration, storage and transfer of which the technology of a decentralized public registry blockchain is used.

AmberCoin – the first cryptoshares in the world.

AmberCoin – the first cryptoshares in the world

Do you think that your money in the bank, shares or bonds is safe? Not even close!

The current system relies on the trust to governments and financial institutions.
But ... Cyprus, Greece, China – examples prove that this trust is seriously undermined.

AmberCoin – the first cryptoshares in the world

Therefore, many investors duly appreciated the new technology of cryptoshares. And AmberCoin, being the first cryptoshare in the world of the major British trade and industrial company, is best suited to the preservation and accruement of funds according to many experts.

The revolutionary potential of AmberCoin cryptoshares technology is huge. Financial systems will be changed forever thanks to it.

AmberCoin – the first cryptoshares in the world

A monster of the stock market NASDAQ is already testing a new way to use the technology that underlies AmberCoin in an attempt to transform the trade in shares of private companies.

Chief Executive Officer of NASDAQ Robert Grifeld says: “The use of the blockchain technology is a natural step in the evolution chain of securities management”

This is a good proof-of-concept of the public stock market over the technology of blockchain.

AmberCoin – the first cryptoshares in the world

AmberCoin and cryptoshares technology allow any company to issue its own shares in the form of cryptoshares or convert their traditional shares into it. After that publicly trade them on the open areas on the Internet (stock exchanges). For companies, there is no need for submission of documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in this case in order to obtain the approval of the regulator.

This technology shortens the path from the company to the investor to 2 simple steps:

Thus, AmberCoin cryptoshares provide such financial freedom, which was not possible earlier.

AmberCoin specifications
Encryption algorithmX13
Max number of cryptoshares (including POS phase)50,000,000
Time of block (in seconds)60
Difficulty recalculation after each block
Block rewards (during POW phase)0.1 - 20
Total number of cryptoshares in POW phase49,000,000
Block number, when POW phase ends2,000,000
POS annual rate10%
Minimum age of cryptoshares6 hours
Maximum age of cryptoshares30 days
Amber Trade LTD

Information on the company, which released
AmberCoin cryptoshares.

Amber Trade LTD is an international holding
company with its headquarters in London.

The turnover of Amber Trade LTD
is 500,000 - 1,500,000 Euros/month.

To date, proven resources of amber at the
fields of Amber Trade LTD exceed 10 tons.

According to the result of work the company
pays quarterly dividends to its shareholders.

Financial results

1st quarter

2nd quarter

Total profit of Amber Trade LTD, $ $657,800 $723,450
Shares sold, % 3.62% 7.43%
Number of shareholders 49 106
Size of dividends per each 10,000 AmberCoin, $ $65.78 $72.34
Total dividends paid, $ $11,850 $35,673
Growth prospects – Sun Post

One of the projects of Amber Trade LTD

In nature, there are solar energy accumulators, many of which have long been used by mankind and ensure the progress of civilization.
This is oil, wood, coal. But there is one kind of inaccessible fossil energy, which looks like a bar of the sun and in fact really is – it’s amber.
Amber is a protector from diseases, all sorts of disasters, troubles and negative impacts.

This year, Amber Trade launches a large-scale project to popularize amber and its
products – “SUN POST”.

The project consists of three programs:

“SUN POST” is a vehicle of delivery of unique pieces of
fossilized sunlight to anyone interested inhabitant of the

Growth prospects

Valuation of the company at the beginning of 2015

But in recent months the company has acquired new assets and mastered new product niches. Therefore now it costs considerably more.

The real cost of the cryptoshares

$10С/49С = $0.2/AmberCoin

The present value of AmberCoin

cryptoshares is just $0.04

Thus AmberCoin is

at least 5 times underestimated

Benefits of investing in AmberCoin cryptoshares
Become a shareholder

How to become a shareholder?

When dividends are paid?

AmberCoin – it’s easy and profitable!

We are always open to constructive dialogue with representatives of
international financial institutions, corporations and states.



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